we announcement Direct Sale will be a live

Aqualair Presale

With a lot of consideration that we have gone through and obtained an early stage funding by Angel Investors, who provide funding allocations for the Aqualair project. Apart from things that are beyond our expectations, in fact, it is not as easy as pouring water which has even become a scourge for the projects we are working on.

The first fund management we have is already underway to run Platforms like NFTs and design works to launch on the surface of the market we are targeting on Opensea or Rarible. …

We announce that we will lock in 50% of the total supply which we will later use for the benefit of the community.

Aqualair Supply Lock

Based on our locked tokens, this means that our features will be present at the specified time, during the Token lock period we carry out a pre-sale to support maintenance on the platform.

The lock period that we set is used for the benefit of Staking and Mining, when the token is unlocked, the first feature we offer is Staking using LP on the Uniswap platform.

Mining (Breeding Program) will be different, not using LP (Liquidity Provider)…

We are proud to announce that the Aqualair platform has been successfully audited by a third party smart contract auditor — Rug Detectives, which we known is a platform to fight fraudsters/scammer in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry, we are pleased to work together on this and make a new relationship.

Presale is Live

Aqualair Tokenomics
Network: Ethereum, 2.0
Token Name: Aqualair
Token Symbol: AQLR
Token Type: ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155
Token Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 21.000.000

Report Automated checks are with smartDec, Mythril, Slither and remix IDE. All issues were performed by our team (Rug Detectives), which included the…

Aqualair Logo protected by copyright

Are you Sea lovers? do you love fish? fishing? i think yes, but don’t worry if you not interested. Because we started focus and plan to registering on the platform Exchange and other this is not only a ecosystem.

Aqualair refers to his love for an environment that is based on what is called an ecosystem. At first, someone believed that the characteristics of the Aqualair itself had become a complete concept, various types, colors, adaptability, strong, aggressive, and not weak against all temperatures that are still in the tropical climate category. …


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